Blamb! Art & Illustration by Ben Lamb

Hi, I'm Ben and I'm an artist and illustrator. Welcome to my tumblr where I'll be posting bits of my work, new prints, maybe some sketches and doodles and the odd bit of inspiration. I've got a portfolio site
here, a shop here, and you can find me other places via the buttons below. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss a project or ask a question.


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It’s all in the mind. At least, I think it is… Either way, if you want this psycho on your wall, here’s where to go.

My cover for issue 12 of Proper Mag, the Hikerdelia issue.

Hunter S. Thompson. Limited edition of 25, now available in the Blamb print store.


18 Ages of Elvis. From fresh faced to fleshy faced. Edition of 50.

Piccadilly Records print for Record Store Day.

The first of my Manchester studies is now available as a print. Edition of 100.

Dead Post Office, Long Millgate, Manchester. Near Victoria Station. Number 5 in my Manchester series.

Ian Curtis risograph print. Limited edition of 50.

Copacabana, Northern Quarter, Manchester. Number 3 in my Manchester studies series.

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